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JMSEY Releases Relatable Quarantine Hit "Lil While"

Los Angeles alt-pop artist JMSEY is back with a relatable track for those who needed a little healthy space from their partners during the pandemic. Continuing an impressive wave of momentum from 2021, JMSEY’s new single “Lil While” bares a vulnerable narrative as society confronts an intense wave of post-pandemic reevaluation. It’s no mystery that quarantine put a strain on many romantic relationships and in JMSEY’s new single, we witness the push and pull he experienced with situations where just a little space could have led to a lot of clarity. More laid back than previous tracks, “Lil While” rides a wave of subtle guitar riffs until the very end where we witness a punk-driven breakdown reminiscent of his hard-hitting fan favorite “InstaHam”.

“Just a little space, just a little time just to get a lil wiser / Puppy love got me spring aint gonna lie to ya, I’ll take my chances on this roundabout / Or maybe I should take my time, and take a lil while.” ~ Lil While

Comically, the video shows JMSEY biding time on the toilet – the one location where he can be all by himself. We then cut to a scene where the girlfriend anxiously waits outside of the bathroom door, illustrating JMSEY’s struggle to get any time alone. But “Lil While” isn’t solely motivated by pent-up annoyance - it is also motivated by love. We gradually witness JMSEY’s genuine attempts to open up and find a partner who embraces him for who he truly is. The video later concludes with a party scene, surrounded by his closest friends who have arrived to celebrate their new post-pandemic chapter.

JMSEY is an Asian-American multi-instrumentalist by way of London. He owes his gritty yet pop-hybrid sound to his English/American upbringing. The tone of British pop blaring in his ears while growing up, blended with his love of American alternative bands played a heavy hand in shaping his current energy and soundscape. One sixth of the beloved Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers (as seen on NPR’s Tiny Desk, in Billboard & Rolling Stone), JMSEY’s quirky talents shine bright even in his solo moments and “Lil While” does not disappoint. His solo work has been featured on Audiotree TV, Jam in the Van and Paste Magazine and he has received high praises from NPR’s Cap Radio, LA’s We Found New Music and leading Alt-Pop Magazine Tattoo. JMSEY is currently based in LA.

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