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Jodeci’s ‘Mr Dalvin’ Releases Remix of JoJo Hailey & Snoop Dogg’s &#8220

Dalvin DeGrate, better known as Mr. Dalvin of the legendary R&B group Jodeci has released his official remix to the original remix of JoJo Hailey’s track “Special” featuring none other than Snoop Dogg. You can’t deny the power trio here; these three legends on a track offers a fresh take on that beloved old school sound. Best known as the rapper for Jodeci, Mr Dalvin also held significant production credits and those talents certainly shine through here. The new remix delivers a danceable bounce from beginning to end; you can’t help but feel like you’re in the club as Dalvin’s beat rides the wave of the original remix while adding his own unique flair.

The resurgence of that beloved late ’90s / early 2000’s sound is undoubtedly nostalgic and in a year like 2020, a little nostalgia is certainly welcomed. For those who don’t know, JoJo Hailey made an incredible comeback this year. The original release of “Special” gained the attention of publications like Billboard, Hip Hop DX & KDay LA. He vowed for a healthier fresh start along with the launch of his record label JT Entertainment. JT Entertainment is on a roll this year; JoJo was the first to release in February of 2020 …quick to follow was his daughter Kayla Tiffany & we can expect several releases throughout the course of this year.

The track does what JoJo does best; it spreads a message of love through tribute to the special woman in his life, his wife, Tashaunda Hailey. The refreshing blend of Pop and R&B delivers JoJo’s signature sound which pairs seamlessly with the smooth lyrical styles of Snoop. Add Mr Dalvin to the mix and you’ve got a smooth, timeless hit. In “Special”, JoJo is not shy to talk about how good he has it with lyrics like “Everyday’s special, so thankful I met you. I’m never letting go”. At a time when the world needs it most, “Special” spreads love, light and positivity. All of the things that JoJo Hailey hopes to promote through his beloved sounds.

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