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Joe Zay reveals debut EP ‘Broken Glass / God Rays’

Norwich based producer Joe Zay excites us with his first release of 2021; his latest EP ‘Broken Glass / God Rays’. The glimmering two tracks on the EP marks his debut release with Westwood Recordings and was released yesterday.

Quiet and reclusive by nature, Joe Zay has been honing his craft tenaciously for over a decade. From his modest home studio in Norwich, UK, he has fashioned a distinctive and bizarre form of hard hitting, bass heavy, jazz inflected aggro-funk. Imaginative, playful, and meticulously programmed, his music conveys years of iteration and attention to detail bordering on obsession.

The two tracks on the EP, ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘God Rays’ impress the listeners with their nostalgic sound waves and give a feel-good danceability vibe. ‘Broken Glass’ inspires with its funk-laden bass riding contrasting to the pools of meditative backdrops. The second track on the EP, ‘God Rays’, excites with some dewy synths that establish the groundwork for a jam-worthy noise.

With this breathtaking EP, Joe Zay takes his listeners on a technicolour journey. He delivers an incredible production of bright and punchy electronic music, and he truly captures us with his electro-funk riffs.

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