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Joell Fender Makes Solo Debut with ‘Lately’ [VIDEO]

As someone who listens to way too much music to even calculate, sometimes a vocalist will come across my ear drums and remind me how badly I wish I could sing better.  Thanks for making me jealous Joell Fender

While London born Joell Fender may just be getting rolling as a solo artist, it is easy to understand why he has been a highly sought after vocalist in the UK for sometime now.  Having lent his vocal abilities to massive acts like Sigala, Years and Years, Disciples, Demi Lovato, Kwabs, Sigma and more, Joell Fender’s impressive falsetto, flawless harmonies and smooth delivery have quickly helped to set him apart from the pack.

Raised in London by Jamaican parents, Joell Fender was immersed in music from a young age thanks to his families love of the art.  Eventually Joell landed in the prestigious Brit School from where he graduated, honing his abilities and preparing for life after university.  Now with plenty of credits to his name, Joell Fender is ready to breakout as a solo artist.

Recently, he has teamed up with with ELEVNS for his debut single, “Lately”, and it has been rocking heavily in my headphones since its release.  While the smooth, soulful, dynamic electronic production laid out by ELEVNS sets the tone, it is Joell Fender’s incredibly impressive vocals that make this tune undeniable.  With tongue in cheek, easy to follow, story telling lyrics hiding beneath Joell Fender’s standout performance, his debut single brings just enough substance, groove, and soul to make this be a must have for any music lover.  

Do yourself a favor and give this one a listen.  I promise you will wish you could sing like this when you are done.  Unfortunately not many people can pull this off – myself included 🙁

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