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John J. Fox is a singer/songwriter, producer, and artist from Houston, TX. With influences that range from Queen to Kanye West, Fox has created a unique pop sound footprint that can be easily enjoyed by all. His music delivers one-of-a-kind melodies with strong and polished vocal performances. In addition, John J. Fox offers songs with subject matter that anyone could relate to. In his newest single, Pavement, Fox does just that!

Pavement is a recollective jam that takes listeners on a journey back in time to a sweet moment in the artists life before it slipped through his fingers. A song about regret and yearning to return to the golden days of a relationship, come to pass, Pavement is a vividly written sonic trip through emotion. Using his signature style of unique melodies and tones and a driving indie rock percussion, Pavement is a perfect summer song to sing a long to in the whip or on a float in the pool!

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