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Jonny Glenn Accepts His Loneliness With Bittersweet “Alone”

Many of us long for the day when we get to embrace one person forever. Others are so ruined by their history of love that they can’t make themselves emotionally available for that. Caught in this whirlwind himself, Jonny Glenn captures this tragic dichotomy on his new single “Alone.”

The song is an acknowledgement of feelings for someone who’s not emotionally ready to give themselves in a relationship. Marked by Glenn’s smooth vocals and electro-pop production, “Alone” breathes both sorrow and strength. He confesses falling hard for this person though admitting that being in love is not the right step, saying “every lonely night you’re my lullaby, scared that this will turn into love.” The song captures the harrowing feeling of wanting someone and the bittersweet acceptance of knowing that the other person can’t say the same.

Jonny’s music combines pop with rock influences, often paying homage to childhood idols Elvis, Freddie Mercury, and Nirvana. The wide range of his voice is well-suited for live performances and his high energy ensures all sets are frenetic and packed with the flamboyant fun that made 70’s glam rock, 80’s hair metal, & 90’s grunge bands so successful. Pouring his all into his passion, Jonny prepares to set sail with his debut album, aptly titled “8” after the cosmic birth of the artist “Jonny Glenn”, born December 8th. His charisma, musical talent and vocal stamina is sure to cement Jonny as one of music’s newest leading men.

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