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JOS and Ashdown's "Fixations" Brings the Funky Pop Vibes we All Need Right Now

In their fourth collaboration, JOS and Ashdown, accompanied by Spijk, deliver, "Fixations," a magnetic blend of funky bass, chill guitar, and catchy synth melodies that caught the attention of Spotify out of the gate and was featured on their Nu-Funk editorial playlist. The track navigates desire's dance, exploring the universal struggle between succumbing to lust and the impending regret.

JOS, the brainchild of Danish producer Johannes Guldberg, showcases his genre-defying expertise, seamlessly merging electronic elements with irresistible Pop allure. With millions of streams, major label collaborations, and standout remixes for industry heavyweights, JOS's impact on the music scene is undeniable.

"Fixations," not only enriches the duo's collaborative portfolio but solidifies JOS's commitment to crafting memorable pop tunes without conforming to industry norms. This groovy summer-ready anthem captures Nu-Funk essence with undeniable commercial appeal, promising to resonate globally. With infectious hooks, slick production and relatable lyrics, "Fixations," stands as a powerful testament to JOS and Ashdown's ability to create enduring musical magic.

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