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JP Saxe Teams up With Win and Woo for ‘Anybody Else’

24 year old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JP Saxe has music in his blood.  Inspired by his Grammy award winning grandfather Janos Starker – an award-winning Cellist/solo performer – JP Saxe mixes top notch songwriting with undeniable melodies and emotive vocals to make his releases connect.

The Toronto raised, LA based artist was hand picked by Spotify as one of their artists to watch in 2017, and his tunes have racked up close to 3M streams in just a few months.  While he has been writing for other artists for the last several years, it wasn’t until recently that he started pushing his own music out to the masses.

To keep the pressure on, JP Saxe has teamed up with the dynamic duo Win and Woo for a remix of his latest single, “Anybody Else”.  Win & Woo have been making waves in their own right, with a string of successful remixes and originals, they have quickly become a sought after production duo and recognizable name in the Electronic scene.

Together on the new release, all parties come together with their best foot forward and the vibe is on point.  Mellow synths, pads, percussion, vocal chops and basslines come together to bring a new feel to the track.  The glitchy, groovy, dynamic release is the perfect combination of JP Saxe swag and Win and Woo wonder.  Chill and sexy with a great overall bounce.

Speaking in the release JP Saxe says, “I’ve been a songwriter for a few years now, and going into sessions almost everyday, I noticed this overwhelming theme both in the studio and on the radio of what I call, ‘you hurt me, but I like it’ love songs. I think that’s getting a little played out. Yet there is obviously something very human about wanting something even more because you think you shouldn’t want it. I’d like to think ‘Anybody Else’ is a slightly more sophisticated twist on that concept…it’s leaning into the forbidden-ness in a self aware way, like you’re creating the barriers on purpose just so you can both enjoy breaking them. The original version plays into the sexy, mysterious tone of that feeling. Win and Woo’s remix plays into the fun of it, and the fun of it is very real.

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