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Julia Kahn Releases Ethereal EP "Heroines Journey"

Offering fans a vibrantly melodic escape, electro-pop artist Julia Kahn presents her dynamic debut EP "Heroines Journey". Dancing with darkness, the vibrant young artist finds a way to the light by confronting her demons rather than running away from them. Driving with heart-on-sleeve lyrics, the EP outlines a journey of introspective transformation through uplifting R&B and electronic production, leaving listeners with the feeling of being transported to another world. Leading with internal awareness, Kahn created the EP as a map for overcoming her darkness with the powerful vulnerability of becoming her own light. Delivering encouraging messages led with self love and an overt sense of self awareness, "Heroines Journey" is masterful, feminine and mysterious, yet inviting those who seek music to escape as well as those who seek to confront their internal struggles.

As an independent artist, Kahn has been featured on numerous tastemaker blogs and publications, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams and has been featured on “BBC Radio 1” for previous releases. Not only is Kahn known for her poetic words and captivating voice, but also her ear as a producer, her eye as a visionary and a creative director. Follow Julia Kahn on Instagram here to learn more.

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