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Kaien Cruz Shows Off Her Darker Side on ‘Dangerous’ [VIDEO]

One of my favorite things about being in the music business is the fact that great music is being created in literally every corner of the globe.  One of my latest finds comes from South AfricaDurban born singer/songwriter Kaien Cruz.

At just 19, Kaien Cruz is here to prove that she is prepared for a long and successful career as an artist.  Beginning to play guitar at 8 years old – by 16 she was writing her own songs and performing for family and friends, at which point she finally took some advice from her sister and began to upload her music to SoundCloud.  Initially discovered by Durban producer Aewon Wolf of the Wolfpack, Kaien Cruz got her first taste of the industry and released her debut 8 track EP, “Mansion Mind”, just last year.

Since then she has remained relatively quiet – that was until she dropped her latest offering, the haunting, soulful, Pop leaning single, “Dangerous”, on September 28th.  What serves as her most moody tune to date, Kaien Cruz explains, “I wrote ‘Dangerous’ during a very frustrating time in my life. I’d just realised that a lot of people in this industry that I thought had my back, actually didn’t. So this song is about those people and and other things in my life that I thought were good for me, but were only holding me back.

Now helping to bring the single to life, she has also released an official video.  The beautiful accompaniment helps to not only make the song connect, but gives listeners a glimpse into the artist behind the music.  About the video Kaien Cruz says, “I’m super excited to finally share this video with everyone. It was crazy being able to experience sitting in a spinning car but it was so much fun! We didn’t finish filming until 2am which made it a super long day but I’m really happy and proud of it!

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