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Keep an Eye on TyC

Brooklyn based TyC has been (in my personal opinion) somehow flying under the radar for the last year or so.

While we have featured nearly everything he has released since 2K17, I do not feel he is getting the recognition he deserves.  With a penchant for crafting meaningful, Pop leaning jams, the Berklee graduate, multi-instrumentalist and producer continues to deliver major cross over records accessible to nearly every demographic.  With a strong team of musicians and vocalists around him to collaborate with, TyC makes the most of every new track.

On his latest, “Tongue Tide”, TyC teams up with Jordan Humphrey who delivers a stellar vocal performance.  The Indie Folk/R&B leaning Electronic tune is emotive on all fronts.  While Jordan swoons on the vocals, bringing along with him a sensitivity to perfectly counteract the production, TyC not only shows his skill as a musician, but also as an engineer.

Beautiful progressions, smart sound selections and lush layers of instruments come together while new wave production techniques make sure this quasi ballad can still hit.  This is the type of song that will have you hard tapping your foot, swing clapping your hands and wanting to give your girl a hug all at the same damn time.

I’ll only say it once, keep an eye on TyC.  Oh… and check out some of my other favs below.

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