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Keir Gibson is Back with New Music "Nothing Alike"

Having first come onto our radar in 2019 with his single, "Hollow", emerging Scottish artist, Keir Gibson, quickly grabbed our attention with his introspective lyrics, powerful voice and overall ability to craft a song. While many artists these days continue to maintain busy release schedules and often land in our inbox like clockwork, Keir Gibson is not such an artist. Having only released a few singles since first launching, it seems he likes to make us wait a bit, but somehow, the final product always seems worth it. Despite the fact that he takes his time between releases (his last single dropped in 2020), Keir Gibson is without a doubt turning some heads - having already landed some major support from BBC Radio 1 while also being touted by The Scottish Sun as, “Scotland’s next big breakthrough talent”. One thing is for sure - his talent is undeniable - and although his catalog thus far may be small, it sure is mighty.

On his latest offering, "Nothing Alike", Keir Gibson once again stuns with an emotive and dynamic performance that sits perfectly atop a minimal guitar driven production. Slowly picking up energy from beginning to end, every element sits just where it should, allowing the vocals to remain in focus and ensuring the lyrics really hit home. Bringing along with him his own, memorable brand of Alt-Pop, his new single was both recorded and produced by Gibson at home, helping to add to the songs authenticity and allure. About the single, Gibson says, "Nothing Alike depicts a relationship struggling to get off the ground. The single is about two people finding it hard to relate to each other and trying to find mutual understanding in the relationship."

While there is no word yet on what he may have to follow, Keir Gibson has once again dropped off a single that we will have no problem rocking while we patiently wait for more. Make sure you give him a follow and keep an eye on this buzzing Scottish gem.

Listen to more like Keir Gibson here:

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