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Kelsey Coockson Teases New EP with ‘Nude’

Since launching her solo career just last year with her single, “California”, Amsterdam based singer/songwriter Kelsey Coockson is continuing to develop her sound and turn heads with her latest offering, “Nude”.

Fully independent, Kelsey is creating a sound all her own within the Electronic-Pop lane. Working with her boyfriend Maurits Huijgen who takes on the production while Kelsey handles the lyrics and vocals, she has already been able to rack up hundreds of thousands of streams. Coming out of the gate and landing in primetime playlists like Fresh Pop, Factor Happy, Acoustic Winter and New Music Friday, there is no doubt that Kelsey Coockson is onto something.

Now preparing to release her debut EP, “Shadow Box“, this fall, Kelsey Coockson is getting new and old fans alike excited with her latest single. On, “Nude”, she delivers an empowering performance, allowing her soul to shine when she, “exposes herself”, to all who may be listening. Over a clean and dynamic production, Kelsey brings an impressive vocal that shows as much depth as it does polish.

With the new EP right around the corner, I have no doubt that Kelsey Coockson has more to come within the next few months. Make sure you keep tabs.

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