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Kenny Shane Drops Off New Album "Young Kennedy 2"

Hailing from New York, Kenny Shane starts of 2022 in a major way with the release of his new and anticipated album, "Young Kennedy 2". A follow up to 2020's, "Young Kennedy", his latest offering also stands as his 10th full-length album (let's not talk stacks of singles) and is without a doubt one of of his most cohesive and hard-hitting projects to date. Having built an impressive catalog and a devoted fanbase over the last decade or so thanks to his never-ending release schedule and unbridled charisma, Kenny Shane continues to prove why he is one of New York's most consistent MC's and best kept secrets.

On, "Young Kennedy 2", Kenny Shane serves up 11 cuts, taking fans on a ride through a variety of vibes, but all the while bringing his signature rhyme schemes, thought-provoking lyrics and clever punchlines. Working alongside longtime collaborator, producer Beats By Danny, both artists find their stride bringing a classic New York energy while blending an array of influences to create a project that keeps the listener locked from beginning to end.

From hard-hitting single, "Artificial", to swagged out, "Jog Ya Mind", and retrospective, "Kennedy Closing", "Young Kennedy 2", fires on all cylinders while Kenny Shane touches on real life scenarios including, family, politics, struggle and hope. Tackling the top of the project solo, the second half of the album also features Jvne, Fly High Drew, Everything Omega and fellow underground legend Hi-Rez.

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