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Kerri releases lead single “Self” off his debut album QUEENCITY.

“Self”, the lead single off of Montreal based singer/songwriter/producer Kerri’s upcoming debut album QUEENCITY. The track is spacious and colorful retelling of a dark moment in one’s life, fully encapsulating the difficulties of love, loss, and loneliness. Kerri’s production style on “Self”, consisting of warm synths, rich bass, and spacious textures, truly demonstrates the Montreal based artist’s control over his craft. Nothing about “Self” is intuitive, it wanders and discovers itself along the way, unwinding into a beautiful and artistic cultivation of feeling that seems so intimate you may feel as though it was never meant to be shared. However, we’re extremely glad it has made its way out, and if it is any indication of what is to come with QUEENCITY we should all be excited. 

Although the production on “Self” stands out immensely from the crowd, benefiting from experimentation and daunting stylistic choices, Kerri’s songwriting is just as noteworthy. Every now and then you come across a lyric that stops you in your tracks. Self is full of these, all rich in sentiment and unbelievably prolific through their simplicity. Authenticity and honesty are the paramount features of “Self” as Kerri explicates his own experiences while simultaneously addressing whom he has loved and lost. When Kerri proclaims “Nothing is easy. I love her but not how she treats me”, his words stretch miles further than maybe intended, puncturing the scar tissue of almost healed wounds and reminding us of all the worst parts of relationships. Nevertheless, “Self” is nostalgic. It is masochistic in its remembrance of the dark side of love. There is no one way to feel about this track, it changes the more you listen to it. However, in regards to Kerri himself, one word comes to mind: Brilliant.

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