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Kevin Lake Stuns on ‘Only Knew’

If you follow the blog you would know that I can never say enough about the Swedish Pop scene.  New to my radar is buzzing artists Kevin Lake and the release of his new single, “Only Knew“.

With a background that saw Kevin Lake performing as an Indie/Folk artist, he has used his prior experience to help cultivate a fresh new sound all his own.  With memorable lyrics that find a way to connect to listeners from nearly every walk of life, Kevin Lake has been riding a wave since the release of his debut single, “Memories“, in 2017.

Now preparing to release his debut EP this year, Kevin Lake is back and teasing new tunes, starting with, “Only Knew“.  Over a bubbling yet minimal electronic production, Kevin delivers a rich performance that ranges from delicate falsettos to layered hooks, bringing a dynamic and emotive feel to the tune.  About the tune, Kevin Lake says, “Only Knew is one of the most recent songs I have written. It is about a relationship where both parties are afraid to tell the truth about how they feel and keep each other as friends even though they want to be more than that. I wrote it because I have been in this situation myself and I wish I had shared my feelings from the start. Now I feel like there is no need to hold back your feelings. Life is too short for that. Just be honest with the other person and it will most likely always turn out better then leaving it out and never knowing if it could have been something.

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