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KG Lillian Releases Her New Anthematic Indie-Pop Song, "Feel Like Me"

“You know the kind of people that are like a parasite,

that take and take until they drain you dry?

I wrote this song about them.”

KG Lillian’s newest track showcases her ambient, yet powerful vocals in her new song, “Feel Like Me,” which is about someone who is more obsessed with how others are doing than themselves. KG Lillian jumps on this track with grit and sweetness, communicating to listeners that she looks down at those who try to bring her down, but still remains unbothered. “Feel Like Me” is coated in soft background vocals while simultaneously contrasted with a wicked electric guitar solo to elevate the climax of the song.

“Feel Like Me” delivers punchy lyrics that call out the self-righteous, do-no-wrong personality that most are unfortunately familiar with. KG Lillian was proud to see Feel Like Me” come to life at the hands of multiple talents, including drums, written, and performed by St. Louis band Fivefold’s Derrick Huskey. The production and composition were made possible by Fivefold’s Matt Benne, and the final mix and master were done by Jarrod Headley and Clint Wagoner. The combination of this multi-talented and stand-out creative team made Feel Like Me” an infectious and addictive indie-pop anthem. Producer and co-writer of “Feel Like Me,” Matt Benne, stated the following when asked about his time working on this project:

Working with KG on ‘Feel Like Me’ was an absolute blast, to say the least! At inception, we wanted a song with big energy and to have the full band experience. We ended up landing on a wonderfully written song that lyrically expresses deep, personal struggle while sonically capturing the release we get through artistic expression.”

- Matt Benne

This release of “artistic expression” felt by Matt Benne is most definitely translated to listeners in the roaring climax of the song. Listeners are taken on a soft and vulnerable journey with KG Lillian’s sweet, vulnerable, and raw voice, and then skyrocketed into the passion of the lyrical narrative with the whole band playing during the chorus. “Feel Like Me” is a must-have banger in your indie-pop playlist as it not only is a song that is deep and relatable, but one that can allow you to let go and feel free.

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