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Kiddo Dust and Musa Collab on Fresh New Single, “Coastin”

Kiddo Dust, 17 year old Pop/Rap artist from Norwalk, CT, combines with BK based multi instrumentalist producer, Musa, on the electric new single “Coastin”. The easy-listening Pop track brings out the best in both artists and sheers away from the usual by highlighting both Kiddo and Musa’s strengths. This release turns a new page for both counterparts of the duo: After almost a year-long hiatus from releasing music, focusing on artistic development and personal growth, Kiddo Dust sings “I took a couple months for myself, but I’m back now”. Conversely, Musa, on the other hand, has remained active and consistent with his collaborations over the past few years but is now ready for much deserved recognition as an artistic powerhouse of his own. In a sense, “Coastin” is a special track not only because of its musical content, but also based on the fact that these two collaborators took such vastly different routes to get where they are now, ultimately crossing paths and culminating into a cohesive and memorable Pop anthem.

While the lyrical sentiments of “Coastin” bounce back and forth between an impending sense of urgency and poignant realizations that life, love, and relationships are complicated, the track manages to induce feelings of relatability and an underlying sense that everything will be alright. Beginning on a pensive note, Musa’s spacey guitar is the first sound to escape the speakers and continue to radiate throughout the entirety of the track. Subtle electronic tweeks, beeps, and thumping 808’s showcase the Brooklyn producer’s signature style and background as a primarily electronic artist. However, these musical effects are given enough room to breathe as to facilitate the spacey aura of “Coastin” while maintaining strong and purposeful implementation Consequently, Musa’s production choices bring out the absolute best in Kiddo Dust. As an artist who normally relies on his vocal tone and impressive knack melodies, Kiddo takes his game to the next level by not only improving on his strengths but also proving that he is a capable songwriter as well. For a pop track, “Coastin” is incredibly honest; recognizing that life is more complicated than it is often made out to be, Kiddo Dust maintains that he often feels overwhelmed. However, it is the confidence that follows this realization, as the song bounces back and forth between discouragement and self-assurance, that makes “Coastin” not only a fun listening experience but one that is easily relatable as well. Both Kiddo Dust and Musa are primed for major upturns in success this year and have proved on this fresh record that their potential cannot be ignored.

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