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Kory Shore Teams up With danny G in “IDKAT”

Heartfelt Pop artist Kory Shore teams up with beloved Hip Hop artist danny G in their catchy and all too relatable single “IDKAT”. The Nashville duo each stumble through new love interests who change their views on romance. The first single to release off of Kory’s highly anticipated debut EP “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “IDKAT” talks about how new relationships can challenge old complexes. Coming from a family of divorced parents, Kory’s approach to love was riddled with anxiety and issues about trust. But now that he’s found an unexpected and unique flame, his walls are slowly melting as he successfully navigates his fear of getting burned in this exciting new relationship. And by pure coincidence, danny’s new flame seems to be shining just as bright.

“Never learned to love I guess I’m jaded, Yeah I thought that kinda thing was just a dream // And I didn’t know love was a real thing, Woah, that’s a real thing”

“IDKAT” presents a catchy chorus over Jon Bellion-esque production. Kory’s electro pop vocals pair perfectly with danny’s buoyant Hip Hop flow, creating a sincere synergy between the two artists and long-time friends. The minimalist beat allows the vocals to shine as both artists talk about how jaded they are from their past. Their new girlfriend’s are the polar opposite of their ex’s ghosts and while the guys might not know much about love, they know the flames they’re carrying are worth holding onto.

While he now lives in Nashville, Kory grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia to a creative and scientific household. At the age of 14, Kory released his first hit “Crying for America” which garnered over 150k views overnight as well as praise from, FOX and many more. While it had the support of many, its misinterpretation brought a lot of negative attention from the YouTube community. Comments like “you should kill yourself”, and “I hope you join the military and die” flooded the thread. For an insecure 14 year old, that was too much to handle. Kory stepped down from the spotlight and took time to focus on his schooling, eventually moving to Nashville to attend Belmont University. After college, he made a brief move to LA to introduce himself to the west coast music scene. As a songwriter and producer he’s garnered cuts with danny G, katie MAC, MNERVA, Leena Regan, Sheyda, Jack Decraene, Z Smith, and many others in Nashville and LA. Now back in Nashville, Kory plans to release several more singles followed by his debut EP to mark the next chapter of his musical career.

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