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Kovic releases “All Night All My Life”, an intimate encounter with the past

Kovic is a singer-songwriter-producer from Brentwood, Essex, and has consistently been gaining notoriety as a rising star both in the UK and internationally. His latest, “All Night All My Life” is a powerful and sonically dynamic encounter with the familiar. Kovic has had many notable successes in the past several years, and as he looks forward to releasing his debut album later this year. If “All Night All My Life” is any indication of what is to come, you should keep an eye out for Kovic’s first large scale project which is sure to feature a star studded cast of creative contributors. 

“All Night All My Life” begins on a pensive note, addressing a past lover, far away, who still keeps up with Kovic’s music. He asks if they think about life, about the time they shared. As they listen to the words he writes on his phone, do they think of all the nights they spent? Kovic affirms that he has complementary thoughts as well, that he too remembers and is waiting. Throughout the song, we are a part of the journey of coming back together, of reminiscing, being apart, and above all affirming that the love is still there. Although specific, Kovic’s attitude is infectious and sprouts feelings of relatability. Sonically, “All Night All My Life” is a passionate tide of warmth, picking up into emotion fueled choruses and descending into cinematic verses in which Kovic’s intimate vocals are on full display. Summarily, Kovic’s latest is elegant and personal, both beautiful on the surface and at its grittiest. 

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