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Alt-pop act Kyd the Band (aka Devin Guisande) returns in the first single “Glory” off his EP Season Four: Finale slated for release later this year via Four Music / Sony. Devin cuts deep in every song he releases and “Glory” is no different. The track is an uplifting ballad, inspiring the listener to follow their dreams whether they win or lose in spite of any obstacles. 

“Glory” begins with tranquil guitar plucking but seamlessly erupts with triumphant piano and drum line, fully completing itself through a gospel sounding choir all sung and harmonized by Devin himself. On the single he explains, “My voice is the one that has to matter the most to me. I write music because there’s truth and meaning in it for me. It feels like there’s honor in it. I do this because I want there to be a point to my story, and whether I “fail” or “succeed”, is defined by me at the end of the day.”

The gospel feel of “Glory” brings Kyd The Band’s artistry full circle for the critically acclaimed songwriter. Once Guisande joined the Pentecostal church he had to give up his initial dream of becoming a professional athlete, but through the church he found gospel and his love of music. However, he was not allowed to write any non-secular music, prompting Devin to exit the church and follow his passion of music. Now after three EPs and finding himself musically, Devin returns to his roots with the gospel elements in “Glory.”

In each season, Kyd The Band has continued to develop his sound and story. From discussing the delusion of the American dream, the passing of loved ones, and self-acceptance, there is no topic Devin is unafraid to share his experience on.

With season 4 on the horizon, Devin has found his own American dream. His dream of creating music not for the sense of fame or money but for being able to connect with people. On overcoming what other people think of him he explains, “Whatever the case, you can’t give someone else the power you have to make the decisions for your life. You either let the negative voices in your life pull you down or make you stronger — the choice is yours.”

Kyd The Band has been captivating fans for years with over 25.2M streams and over four million video views. His recently written “Driver’s License” reply garnered over 18 million views and brought in over 300K new fans. His ability to connect with audiences from all over and overcome adversity continues to pay off. “Glory” is the latest to do so in a way unseen before.

With each release, Devin reveals more of himself as he finds the confidence to delve deep into his tumultuous past from a socially isolated childhood, to leaving his home and family; overcoming a drug overdose to then finally finding solace in music and healthy relationships. Likewise, he hopes that by unveiling his experiences, he will forge an open dialogue with his fan base – inspiring his listeners to reflect and grow from past experiences. This upcoming season is a reflection of all proving that going after his own dream was worth it.

Check out “Glory” below:

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