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LA Artist LIVM Preps for a Big Year with Standout Run in 2023

While LIVM may be a name you are not yet familiar with, it won't be long until that changes. Having initially discovered him in 2020 while still performing under the name Liam O'Brien, he came into this year with a new name, new sound and relaunched as LIVM bringing along a more refined sound and an impressive string of releases that undoubtedly helped to set the stage for what's to come.

His new solo project, almost exclusively produced by Brooklyn based production duo, Killers to Lovers, has helped LIVM carve a lane of his own in the Pop world, bringing a bit of grit along with stellar songwriting and energetic performances that have left me wanting more at every turn. While it has been out for a minute now, his most recent single, "LA," is the perfect first listen if you haven't yet checked him out. Opening with delicate vocals and slick guitar, the track quickly transforms into a buzzing, uplifting and emotional bop that will have you snapping your neck in no time. About the single, LIVM says, "I love LA, I really do. But I don’t know if I truly BELONG here. I think a lot of people who live here share that sentiment. It’s a place full of out-of-towners that are chasing a dream and will do just about anything and be just about anybody in order to get there. I wrote this song about not knowing where I really belong and the tension between following my passion and being somewhere that makes me happy."

With a promise of a lot more to come, we can't help but be excited for what he has prepped for the new year. We will be patiently waiting. Give him a listen and share in the hype.

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