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LA’s Alain Bonus Delivers with ‘Love Too Quick’

There’s no denying that LA is a hot bed for talent, but while the usual suspects get all of the shine, there is a huge population of up and coming talent fighting for the success they (often) rightfully deserve.

Alain Bonus is only one example of this underground scene that I personally strive to tap into and love to share.  Born and raised in the Philippines his family decided to migrate to the US and landed on the outskirts of LA.  From a young age Alain had a passion for music, writing songs and raps for school projects and church groups, with no expectation to make a career out of it.

Following the normal path, he continued his education and graduated with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Upon graduating, his passion keeper back in and he decided to continue on his musical journey – eventually leading to him writing, producing and releasing his own songs.  Today we bring you, “Love Too Quick”, produced by ab.

Beyond the overall vibe, the songwriting here stands out to me.  His ability to connect lyrics while simultaneously deliver them with a beautifully emotional precision leads to an all around well crafted tune from beginning to end.  The down tempo Electronic production incorporates some smooth R&B vibes along with some hard hitting drums and interesting lead elements.

While the production is solid, it is the way Alain adapts to the track that makes it special.  I’m sure you could give this beat to plenty of other artists and still not getting something as smooth back.  An all around solid jam.  Alain has a new fan in me for sure.

Check it out for some smooth and sexy Pop infused R&B feels.

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