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Laura Brehm Keeps it Coming [INTERVIEW]

You know that feeling when you follow an artist and when you see that they’ve dropped a new release you can almost guarantee you’re going to love it?  Laura Brehm is one of those artists for me.

Beyond her beautiful voice, she writes great tunes.  Another thing that I always find impressive about her is her ability to cross over genres and sound completely at home wherever her next release lands.  While her original tunes tend to be more Indie and Folk leaning, she is also a highly sought after vocalist in the EDM scene, previously gracing tracks for Feint, TheFatRat, Ferry Corsten, and more.

Following the recent release of her debut solo EP, “Breathe“, she’s back with yet another bomb.  Once again teaming up with Ephixa, the duo have just dropped, “Deja Vu“.  About the release, Laura says, “I love how experimental this song is, both in the writing and production. Ephixa has been an amazing collaborator, and I’m excited to see how “Deja Vu” is received. For me, it brings about a surreal feeling of looking into the past.

As always, Laura Brehm dominates on the vocals while Ephixa brings a Deep/Future House vibe on the production.  Bright melodies, impeccable synth work, driving baselines and ethereal background textures come together perfectly and make this one hit from beginning to end.

Seeing as we only recently featured Laura on site, we figured we’d lock her down for a chat to shed some more light on the singer, songwriter and label boss (Electric Bird Records).

RDFO: From what I can see you were born and raised in CO. Do you have any interest in living anywhere else?

LB: Yes! I have lived here for 27 years now. I do have an interest in living somewhere that is more of a music center, although Denver is certainly growing and it’s also nice to be in the center of the USA. I have always loved London, and it would be a dream come true to live there.

RDFO: Skiing or snowboarding? Or just hanging on the mountains?

LB: Skiing on the green slopes and then hanging out and having a few beers. I’m by no means a great skier, but I enjoy the atmosphere of it all.

RDFO: How has your childhood shaped you as an artist?

LB: My experiences with music in childhood definitely had a huge impact on me. My dad is a pianist and my mom is a singer/songwriter, so you can imagine how much influence I had from both sides. I also took ballet lessons from a young age, so classical music and learning how to move with music I think also had an effect. Then of course, there was all the music that was being played in the background in my house as I was growing up, especially the Beatles!

RDFO: Who are some other CO artists that you would like to collaborate with or that people should keep an eye on?

LB: There are some CO artists that I am already collaborating with, such as Evoke, Last Heroes, Covex, and Megan Burtt. People should definitely have an eye on these artists, they’ve got some great music in the works. Others that I would like to collaborate with include Illenium and Said the Sky. It’s really cool to see other musicians in my home state making such innovative music and expanding their careers.

RDFO: From release to release you tend to cross over genres and sound pretty comfortable on almost any type of production. Is there one sound that you love the most?

LB: True! I do like to experiment with many different styles. My favorite sound is that which combines an acoustic element such as guitar within an electronic based production. As far as EDM genres go, I’ve always been a fan of the harder tracks such as dubstep and trap, and I have fun with those because I feel like it’s really contrasting to my voice.

RDFO: How old were you when you wrote your first song? Can you tell us a couple of lines from that tune?

LB: I was very young child when I started writing little melodies on the piano, and then as a young teenager I was composing classical tunes. The first song I wrote with lyrics that I would sing and play on the guitar came at around age 13-14. It’s kind of embarrassing, but I wrote it about a boy that I had a crush on in school. Here’s a few lines: “You take me higher and I’m soaring through the sky, you take me higher and it feels like I could fly.*blushing face*

RDFO: You are the Founder of Electric Bird Records. Tell us why you decided to launch your own label.

LB: There are many reasons. I think the main one is that I want to have as much control as possible over my career and my songs. I do an immense amount of collaborative work, and end up with tons of releases. I wanted to create a space that is really my own and involves the genres I love most. I also wanted to make a label for my solo music, so that I don’t have to conform it in the slightest bit for someone else to release it according to their taste or idea of what will sell. I also want to support other upcoming artists and develop it into a much bigger label, bringing on other team members as I continue to progress in my career.

RDFO: Do you have any other artists under the Electric Bird umbrella?

LB: Yes. In early 2018 I’m going to be releasing an EP by Cara Leigh, a singer/songwriter/ producer from Canada. She does a lot of folk/alternative music as well as EDM top-lines, so it’s a perfect fit for my label. I’m really excited for people to hear her new work!

RDFO: What is up next for you?

LB: For the rest of the year I’m finishing up a bunch of new collaborations that will be released in early 2018, as well as making my next solo single. And, I’m learning production, beyond the more acoustic based style of the Breathe EP, so that is going to be a big undertaking for me and something I’m looking forward to.

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