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Leah Sykes releases new single ‘Sorry to the Waitress’

‘Sorry to the Waitress’ is Leah Sykes‘ latest release and is a total ear worm that impresses with its fun blend of pop, rock and indie music. The astonishing guitar on the track captures the listener immediately. Her lyrics reflect a humorous vibe and her electrifying vocals are fairly on-point.

The relatability of this track is incredible. Whether you have been the couple in public or just a bystander listening, everyone can recognise their own experiences in ‘Sorry to the Waitress’. Leah evokes the pain and frustration of the dismissed feeling throughout an argument with her acoustics and lyrics. When listening to Leah you can truly feel her insecurities, love and failures within the lyrics. As an artist she understands not only the power of performance but furthermore the power of using your own story and experience when making music.

Growing up in Jacksonville, Leah’s musical exposure went from 50 Cent and Jay-Z to James Taylor and John Mayer. At the age of 12 she purchased her brothers guitar and began to write her own music. After moving to Nashville at the age of 18, she has opened for successful artist such as Jon Bellion, Louis Tomlinson and Lizzo.

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