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Let’s Have a Dutch Party

Artist nameDutch Party (I don’t know why, but this is such a solid name)

Influences (according to Facebook about section) – we are often under the influence of several things.

Single artwork – close up picture of a goat (see above)

Before I even get into the music… I am already digging these guys.  LA based Dutch Party at least has a sense of humor… who cares if their music sucks?


But here’s the thing… it doesn’t.  In fact, it is really solid.  It only took one listen to, “Blade Runner“, for me to want to hop on that silly goats back and head out to Dutch Party like I’ve never Dutch Partied before.

Distorted, dreamlike vocals kind of sway along, buried perfectly into the fun Indie Rock production.  Slick rhythm guitars, smooth synth pads, keys and a fat bass fill up every inch of the audible spectrum.  While you have to listen hard to catch the actual lyrics – there is no need.

Get this tune rocking in your headphones, take a tab, kick back and enjoy the ride.

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