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Lexie Carroll Just Dropped the Only Holiday Song I Will Listen to this Year

If you are old and jaded like me, than you may also have an indescribable distain for holiday music. In all honesty, I can’t even tell you why it annoys me so much, but it really, really does. While I of course know the words to the classics, it is nearly impossible for an artist these days to put out a Christmas song and get me to cover it. Most artists are not Lexie Carroll. After our recent interview, her team gave me a heads up on the Christmas song she had coming. While I told them to send it my way because I love Lexie, I had to warn them that it was going to be a hard sell... and yet, here I am.

While the lyrics and song title may be Christmas related, Lexie Carroll’s new single, “Christmas Day,” to me, is nothing more than yet another stunning tune from quite possibly my favorite songwriter of the moment. With her ability to pen emotionally-charged, soul-crushing, totally human tunes, her new single is another shining example of why I can’t stress enough - Lexie Carroll is without a doubt an artist to watch.

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