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Life coach turned pop artist Muunie shares "Ele.mental" Visual EP

Emerging pop artist Muunie (whose name is pronounced like -mony in the word “harmony”) has released her debut EP Ele.mental with an accompanying short film.

These days, it often feels like there are more challenges and stressors on our mental health than ever before -- and the Los Angeles based pop artist Muunie is here to try to help us break out of that cycle. Her new EP, inspired by her career as a professional life coach, is called Ele.mental , with each one of the four tracks representing one of the four elements - including previous singles Fire, Water, Earth, and now the fourth chapter, Air, released today. Each track is also accompanied by a music video that helps tell the story of Ele.mental, taking us through Muunie's various states of emotion as she loses her way before eventually learning to believe in herself again. The EP is available on streaming services and also as a full visual EP short film.

Photographer: Anna Azarov

Photo manipulation: Geneviève Bellehumeur

Describing her inspiration for Ele.mental, Muunie writes: “I wanted to create a unique sonic and emotional palette for each song that captured the essence of the element, and weave them together into a cohesive, continuous circle, like nature itself. The elements are also metaphors for human emotion and the “seasons'' we pass through. Fire is fall, change, transformation, spark. Water is winter, death, sadness, grief, letting go. Earth is spring, renewal, rebirth, growth. And Air is summer, freedom, sweetness, blossoming.

Ele.mental traces my own growth as an individual and an artist. It’s a narrative of personal transformation that is so close to my heart. It tells the story of a toxic relationship ending, being left to grieve, discovering the power in vulnerability and communion with self, and realizing that another person can’t complete you and the key to freedom and joy is finding it within yourself. Although the story arc centers on a romantic relationship, I wrote it with all types of relationships in mind. It could apply to a parent, a friend, a substance, a behavior, anything.”

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