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Lillimure Brings Retro Vibes on ‘WDYTM’

While it is always dope to find new artists from my home county (Westchester, NY)… I can’t say it happens all that often.  Recently Alternative Funk/Soul artist Lillimure dropped her new single, “WDYTM”, in my inbox and I was instantly taken by her impressive vocals, retro inspired vibe and dynamic production.

Produced by Jake Lasz and created along with musicians Henry Mermer (Drums), Sam Caldwell (Keys) and Josh Bean (Bass), it is Lillimure’s intimate, soulful vocals and stand out lyrics that carry the tune.  Promising to be just a taste of what is to come from her new album (scheduled for June), “WDYTM”, is an impeccable display of musicianship and songwriting – all performed flawlessly. 

About the release Lillimure says, “I’m particularly excited to show this new material because it’s a little different from the music I have out now, and I’m excited to share my growth with the world. “WDYTM” stands for “Why do you tease me” and it’s about the realization that someone you used to idealize is not all that they seem to be. It’s about growing from disappointments and learning to let things happen in their own time.

While the tune may be a bit contemporary in retrospect, there is no doubt that this sound is making a major comeback and Lillimure has proven she can do it as well as anyone else.  I will without a doubt be keeping tabs.

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