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Lion Sphere Got Me Groovin’ with ‘Alice at Once’ [VIDEO]

As someone who produces music (at least when spare time is actually a thing), but really has very little musical training, I often get super jealous while also being super impressed when I hear real musicians do their thing.  While some may be creating pretty straight forward tunes, there are also groups like Lion Sphere who brings things to a level of technicality that I can barely even begin to comprehend.

The Berlin based 4 piece Future Soul group has recently released their new tune, “Alice at Once”, and fuck is it beautiful.  Through dusty vocals, brilliant progressions, jazzy embellishments, and an utterly peachy vibe, the new tune reads like the soundtrack for a movie about a group of teens who only get high and roller skate through the city in slow motion on the sunniest day ever.

For me to even break down the production here, I’d need about 5 more years of training in musical theory.  Melodies and counter-melodies dance around in an endless loop of funk.  The bassline just does whatever the hell it wants, while somehow not missing a note, and the layer of sounds they are able to blend together is just ridiculous.  I’m jealous af that people can be this good.

Beyond the clear musicality, it is the vibe here that is most impressive.  Classic yet brand new and at the same time everlasting.  Even if you are still (luckily) a person that doesn’t need to analyze everything about the song you are listening to – I don’t see how you won’t get a great feeling from this tune.  About the inspiration, Lion Sphere says, “With ‘Alice at Once‘ we want to convey the ease and euphoria from a lush summer that you know is going to be archived in your memory as some of the ‘good days’ of youth and friendship.

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