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Lo Village Jumps Back from the Edge with ‘TDOLV’

Buzzing Hip Hop/R&B trio Lo Village may not yet be on your radar, but I’d pay close attention over the coming months.  Initially bursting onto the scene in 2016 with their debut project, “Last Summer”, Lo Village has had tastemakers on the line ever since.

Like most groups, Lo Village is far from immune to internal turmoil.  Recently pulling out of a bit of a rough patch, the group has set the record straight with a new single, “TDOLV”, short for, “The death of Lo Village”.  The energetic new tune sees the trio (Ama, Kane, Charles Tyler) bringing a haunting vibe as they touch on the short term, sell out, stand for nothing mentality that they see plaguing their generation.  Via slick story telling rhymes and a catchy hook, Lo Village sheds a light on the people always looking for the quick come up, the fast check and instant gratification.

While the beat remains pretty minimal with gloomy bells, fat 808’s and snappy claps, it perfectly compliments the groups vocals.  A dark reflection of the world they see around them, the new single is a moody jam and yet another solid release for the up and coming trio.  Stay tuned, I’m sure Lo Village has a lot more to say.

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