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Londin Thompson Embraces Growth On “People Change”

As we get older, many people will enter and leave our lives. It’s all part of the journey through life. Londin Thompson reflects on this notion with her newest single “People Change.”

With a mellow beat and melancholy message, Thompson expresses peace in growing apart from friends. The production is steady and not overpowering, leaving room for her to reminisce on the past. Her lyrics express the underlying sadness in change, like “funny how we used to say we said we’d always stay the same” and “had so much time to spend on nothing, but nothing meant something back then.” But Thompson also understands that it’s ok to leave the past behind and hold on to the happy memories, noting “time is not a bad thing.”

Talking about her music, Londin Thompson says:

“When you listen to me, I hope you feel like someone is going through the same things you are. I deal with the same amount of boy and friend drama every girl goes through. A lot of times it’s tough to put those feelings into words. I want to be the voice for all of the phases of life we go through. It’s meant to be a release for you.”

This summer, Cleveland singer/songwriter Londin Thompson made her debut with “Wish It Would Rain.” Not only did the song generate nearly half-a-million total streams, but it also drew tastemaker praise. described her as “a pop music hybrid whose voice and sound can range from the melancholy whisper of Billie Eilish to the soulful power of Alessia Cara.” Billboard touted “Wish It Would Rain” as one of “10 Cool New Pop Songs To Get You Through The Week” and called it “a detailed bit of acoustic-pop that showcases the newcomer’s gentle yet commanding vocal delivery.”

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