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London-based Alt-Pop Band LAWRN Releases Heartfelt "Everything"

Coined as a "song for Amber", LAWRN's new track "Everything" tugs at the heartstrings as he sings about someone he's been terribly missing. Combining modern dream pop with 80's vibes, LAWRN has a way of matching danceability and vulnerability and we can't get enough. After a rough year, we can all relate to the melancholy state that has influenced so many post-pandemic tracks and "Everything" is no exception. Bringing forth their intensely beautiful new single, the three piece alternative pop band share influence from 80's and 90's soundscapes; produced by Superheat - "Everything" embodies their influence, feeling and authentic presentation in a seamless way that makes you want to come back for more!

Listen to more like LAWRN here:

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