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Lonnie Leo Connects with ‘Painted Things’ [VIDEO]

Nashville based singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Lonnie Leo is preparing to release his debut album, “Painted Things“, and to get people excited he has released the title track along with a live performance video.

The song itself incorporates elements from Pop, Rock, Folk and Country with a perfect Indie vibe.  Most impressive to me about the track is the beautiful arrangement and full band production which work together to create a highly dynamic and emotional feel.  With the vocals from Lonnie Leo leading the way, the production builds from beginning to end, always keeping the listener on their toes and keeping the song exciting with major chord changes and new instrumental additions.

About the song, Lonnie says, “I wrote this song in a season of life when I felt incapable of genuinely connecting with other people, even some of the people closest to me. It can be a lot easier sometimes to just make people laugh and handle your life on your own. But it sucks. We’re designed to lift one another up and help each other grow. I wrote this song about that.

While this song may not be my usual vibe, there is no denying the musicality behind it.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  Beyond that it has a great upbeat feel, a beautiful mix, and some foot stomping flavor.

The video only helps give you a deeper look into Lonnie Leo and his bands abilities.  No fancy camera tricks or editing techniques, just a guy and his band locked in, having fun and playing together in nicely lit space with graffiti covered walls.  We dig it.

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