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Los Angeles-based Chris Bloom Drops Indie Pop Track "Peace of Mind"

An ode to unconditional love no matter the circumstance, indie pop artist Chris Bloom releases his new track "Peace of Mind" on all streaming platforms. Exploring turbulent relationship dynamics, "Peace of Mind" offers a peak into Bloom's musical versatility while he expresses an undeniable love for his partner through a symphony of groovy guitars and beautiful drum patterns. Coined "just a sweet song about my lady", the new track offers depth in the face of adversity and a rhythm that you can easily bounce to from beginning to end.

Born and raised in Chattanooga TN, Chris Bloom grew up in a household where all types of music were celebrated. Exposed to a wide variety of styles, Bloom became a self taught producer, writer, and singer with a distinct voice. Influenced by hip hop, soul, and pop, Bloom has carved out a unique sonic niche of soulful bedroom pop that is both vulnerable memorable. After moving to LA from Chattanooga, he released several singles and an album and has performed on two North American and one Australian tour, opening for artists such as Sonreal, Scotty Sire, and Bruce Weigner. Currently, Chris Bloom is getting ready to drop new music in 2021 as well as a number of high profile collaborations.

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