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Los Angeles Pop Artist Pontea Releases Compelling New Video “Come Find Me”

As the world grapples with an unthinkable pandemic, we all need each other more than ever. The latest single from LA-based indie artist Pontea has mental health and suicide prevention themes with lyrics about being there for one another whenever we’re in our darkest hour. Come Find Me is an emotional ballad, mixing a touching piano composition and Pontea’s delicate, yet powerful vocals. The song expresses support for when we are in our most vulnerable state with lines like “when the night keeps getting darker and it cuts to the bone, just know I’ve got your back.” Having come to terms with her own struggles in life, Pontea is a passionate advocate of self-worth and mental health awareness.

Written by Pontea, Monte Malone, and Ryan Benyo, the track has the feel of a modern day “We Are The World” and “Lean On Me” that can have a powerful impact in touching lives, and inspires us to reach out for support when feelings of hopelessness and darkness flood our system. 

To drive the message home is the gripping music video that involves more than 20 people from different backgrounds singing and emoting to the camera while in quarantine. Pontea managed to gather palpable footage of intimate and bare shots from real people in their own space, taking us on a tangible journey of what it looks like behind closed doors when we’re faced with our own demons…the darkest lows, the rage, the hopelessness, the eventual peace, joy, and restoration. It’s raw, unfiltered, vulnerable, and all too relatable.

“My vision is to join forces with mental health causes and people from around the world to take a stand for one another,” she said. “We are here to let you know that you’re not alone.”

Having steadily grown her indie following into a community of loyal supporters, Pontea has evolved into an empowering figure in her own right. Her latest releases, “Power” and “Bitches Having Babies,” have been heralded as anthems, and both embody her cross-genre skill set.

Be sure to follow Pontea on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter today.

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