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Loudan Flips WAJU’s latest NBDY Assisted Single ‘Solo’

Buzzing producer/songwriter WAJU has been building his fan base via a string of solid releases with an ambient, electronic, rhythmic sound.

Traveling between Stockholm, NYC, Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen, WAJU finds his inspiration on the road, pulling influences from the cultures he encounters and the places he visits.  Showing no sign of letting up, he has just released his 5th single, “Solo”, featuring NY/NJ based NBDY.  While NBDY delivers smooth, R&B leaning vocals, WAJU dominates the production bringing a dark, Electronic element to the track.

To spice things up WAJU enlisted Loudan to bring a whole new vibe to the track via a stellar remix.  Flipping the tune, Loudan brings a groovy and melodic vibe to the track, laden with bright plucks, rumbling basses and interesting vocals chops.  The mid tempo tune brings equal parts bop and emotion, making it connect on all fronts. 

Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on all of these cats.

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