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LOVEHEIST makes debut with powerful single “Ready To Go”

LOVEHEIST is a three-piece Alt-Rock group from Dallas TX, and despite giving the appearance of having a small catalogue, they are ready for a huge 2021. The group has noted that they are currently sitting on twelve songs ready to release this year, the first of which is their debut single “Ready To Go”. On their debut single, the sound is somewhere between Cage the Elephant and Vampire Weekend, with enough wiggle room in between to create a sound that truly belongs to LOVEHEIST. “Ready To Go” is largely a song about not giving up on yourself, however can be heard in a myriad of other interpretations as it is rich in both musical and lyrical content. 

For a three-piece group, LOVEHEIST has a huge sound. The kind of energy you may correlate with area-filling groups such as Imagine Dragons. However, “Ready To Go” is a complex combination of many different moods, subgenres, and concentrations of energy, making it the perfect track to listen to in virtually any environment. The only quantifiable trend that occurs over the course of “Ready To Go” is the relationship between its musical dynamics and the pace of the vocal performance. For the most part, as the song grows in energy and volume, the lyrics are given more room to breathe, spread out and carrying as much weight as possible. On the other hand, the track’s quietest moments are filled with the most lyrical content. In that regard, “Ready To Go” truly reflects the uncertain mindset of somebody who does not know how to proceed: the song begins with lyrics packed tightly together, projecting anxious thoughts into words and reflecting uncertainty. However, as energy builds, as does the speaker’s confidence, and the message that we all must keep moving forward begins to ring true. 

LOVEHEIST’s debut single asserts the group’s ability to tackle complex sentiments and create energizing and insightful music. The current hope is that the Dallas residing trio will continue to put out as much music as possible. If they do so, and maintain the quality exhibited on “Ready To Go”, they will quickly develop a reliable fan base so that they can bring their talents to stages around the country as soon as possible. 

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