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LoveLeo Recruits blackwinterwells For Self-Aware Hyperpop Tune “BUZZCUT”

Driven by a society so attached to the digital rather than the physical, it feels like everything we do is no longer for the sake of ourselves, but for the pleasure of others. This dark reality comes to life on LoveLeo’s hyperpop bop “BUZZCUT” featuring a special performance by one of the hyperpop movement architects blackwinterwells.

The tune is inventive in both production and lyrical content. The production is very rhythmic, with popping synths driving the tune’s momentum while the drum machine gives a frantic beat. Accents of vocals in a beat-boxing-esque manner provide another bit of texture to support the coursing energy. Though the production is bright, the tune’s message is a bit darker, with both LoveLeo and blackwinterwells expressing feelings of imprisonment by others’ opinions when all they’re doing is being themselves. LoveLeo shares the message comes from social media saying,

“Like many people, I often find myself doing things on social media strictly for the purpose of doing things on social media. When you step away from it all, you start to wonder what toll it’s taking on your happiness and who actually benefits from the ‘likes’. That’s what ‘BUZZCUT’ is about. Also I shaved my head so there’s that too.”

Last year, LoveLeo introduced himself as one to watch with his debut EP, LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE. Beyond praise from PAPER, Dazed, L’Officiel and more, HYPEBAE raved, “LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE is one of the summer’s best,” while Ones To Watch proclaimed, “LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE revels in the creative process, finding a sense of devious delight and rapture in these sonic diamonds in the rough.” Most recently, VMAN dove into his “surrealistic synth pop world” and admitted, “It’s the sound of someone teeming with ideas, unabashedly playing with sounds and giving plenty of room for exploration.” However, it only sets the stage for much more to come from LoveLeo this year.

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