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Loving this New Jam from CHEC

Having released one EP and one single thus far, recently formed duo CHEC is looking to bring a new vibe to the Pop scene.  Comprised of vocalist/songwriter Elliot Cain and producer Cooper Holzman (aka Holz), CHEC made the move from Portland to LA looking to bring their undeniable vibes to the SoCal scene.

While Elliot and Cooper have been making music together for over 8 years, CHEC sees the duo changing directions – leaving their Alternative Rock roots behind in exchange for an internationally friendly Pop vibe.  Their latest single, “Santa Fe”, is an all out jam that features slick electronic/acoustic production, great toplines and memorable, easy to follow lyrics.  While this may seem like a straight forward Pop jam, CHEC somehow finds a way to add their own flare and separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

About the release they say, “Santa Fe is really just about finding comfort in someone else, but not being confident in them feeling the same way. It’s a comfortable discomfort, paradoxical. Having someone you rely on to always be there is tough when they might not need you, at least in that moment. When I wrote the song, it wasn’t really about anyone in particular. Then, as I was finishing the chorus, I realized that we couldn’t lay the song down because Coop was in Santa Fe at a writing retreat. Irony.

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