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Lua Faye sheds light on lies and deceit with "Cigarette High"

Fresh new DMV located Alt/Pop artist, Lua Faye, is working on her debut album "OVERCAST" and recording in Annandale, Virginia. The capital region artist has a sound that is in a constant state of flux and evolution, which is perfectly showcased by the 9 completely unique and eclectic songs on "OVERCAST". One such song is Cigarette High, the latest single release coming from the album. Cigarette High is a song about being lied to and coming to the realization that most of the time, you don't even know when it's happening to you.

Lua Faye has, at least with this track, formed a sound that is both intrepid and familiar. Being in a relationship and being lied to, is not a new story, by any means. However, Lua has found a way to confront the scenario with both humor and grace. With a cynical attitude, the lyrics to Cigarette High bite sharply, stating "I don't need a cigarette high when I'm running on lies". In the arrangement, an acoustic guitar riff gives way to a robust rhythm and melody of electronic pop music, with drum tracks and synth sounds that blend effortlessly with a haunting falsetto vocal delivery. Like many other Alt/Pop songs, Cigarette High is both vulnerable and powerful, simultaneously. The performance strips away layers and leaves the artist bare in front of the audience, while the song itself leaves them feeling empowered and emboldened, to face down lies and liars, alike.

The newest single from "OVERCAST" leaves me wanting more from both the album and the artist. It's easy to see that Lua Faye is going to have a successful career filled with talent and the versatility of the album shows off her chops as an artist, very early on. Lua's got things to say and we are all here listening.

Listen to more like Lua Faye, here:

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