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Lucida Brings the Cinematic Pop Rock

Here is something fresh coming out of Philadelphia. Four piece Cinematic Pop Rock group Lucida has just dropped a new single, “Joyride”, and it is a taste of what we can expect from their new EP, “Hush”.

Their new offering is a gritty yet poignant release that not only showcases the groups dynamic, but helps us to get a better understanding of their overall sound. Blending elements from Indie Rock and Pop, mixing it with a bit of Soul and adding some Electronic embellishments, Lucida has for sure developed a sound of their own.

Bright tropical plucks, moving electric guitar riffs, live drums, growling synth basses, a bit of organ and bright melodies all blend together – building over time into an anthemic power jam. About the release, Lucida says, “Joyride is about the desire to throw everything away and start fresh – unshackled by the burdens of constraints such as work, student loans, obligations, etc., and just living hedonistically with no destination.”

One of my personal favorite parts about this release are the dynamics between the male and female vocals and the subtle harmonies that fit together so beautifully. Take a listen for yourself and catch the vibe.

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