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Lucy Clearwater Drops Third Single from New ‘Feel Again’ EP

Having launched her solo career just last year, LA based singer/songwriter Lucy Clearwater is no preparing the release of her debut EP, “Feel Again”.  Having already teased the upcoming project with title track, “Feel Again”, as well as her stunning single, “Distracted”, the multi-talented artist with the soaring, enchanting voice is back once again with her latest single, “Say the Word”.

While I had initially held back from featuring Lucy Clearwater on the site – it was far less for a lack of talent than it was for a difference in taste.  Sometimes I find it hard to latch on to more down tempo, acoustic driven tunes, but after hearing her latest offering – I had no doubt I had to show Lucy and her new project some love.  Beyond her beautifully soothing vocals, Lucy Clearwater is bringing to the table some impressive lyricism as well as production, polished to shine and with a clarity usually achieved by years in the studio or with an enormous budget for the best engineers in the game.  

Having been raised by a Folk singing father, my appreciation for singer/songwriter, acoustic driven music runs deep – although, it is far from my usual vibe.  While the somber, subtle, emotional tunes that Lucy Clearwater has dropped into my inbox so far may not by the mood boosters I tend to lean towards, everything she has released so far comes along with impressive arrangement, lush harmonies and stellar execution.  Her new single, the third from her forthcoming 6-track EP is an absolute gem – and it seems it comes from a space, raw and authentic, straight from her soul.  

About the single, Lucy says, “On a cold morning at a cabin near Lake Tahoe, I wrote Say The Word. The guy I was in love with and I had just FaceTimed from LA. He had said he couldn’t see us working out because of our differences in worldview. But, my feelings were too strong I couldn’t just give up without a fight so I wrote this song, laying it all on the table, putting my heart out on my sleeve; “if you want we could try, darlin’ I’m all in, just say the word.

Love wins.

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