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Luke Villegas Combats Feeling Purposeless In Smooth Progressive Rock Tune “One Step Forward”

Sometimes life feels like it consists of passing moments rather than truly living. Overcoming these feelings of insignificance can take a lot of will power and urge to become something more than what you may have been pigeonholed into. Progressive rock artist Luke Villegas channels these feelings of doubt into action without fear in his debut single “One Step Forward.”

The tune effortlessly combines simplicity and complexity to create a song that resonates both emotion and reason. The syncopated rhythms over the compound meter hints at notes of anxiousness while also delivering a sense of comfort that grounds you to the tune’s lyrics. Lines like “I’ll be next to last if I don’t get my shit together soon” and “feel like my life goes in and out of a dream that’s not coming true” drive the song’s message of initiative and control. The song’s overall expressive nature and energetic choruses contribute to its underlying confident character. In regards to the tune, Luke says:

This song hits home for me, the verses are about my personal frustrations of feeling like I’m wasting my life.  I wrote this song after coming off of the biggest tour of my career, only to find myself exactly were I was before I left.  The chorus is my own personal call to action, to move forward without fear of failure and without turning back.”

Luke Villegas is a California born and raised musician who combines the styles of rock, pop, and progressive music that could be described as “Radiohead meets Incubus meets A Perfect Circle.” After studying music for more than 7 years, and contributing session/touring work for various artists, Luke has been exposed to a wide variety of music styles and teachings. Determined to make a mark in the music world, Luke has decided to take everything he has learned and create music with his unique sound.

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