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Lune’s Touching Tribute to Love “Where Do Love Go” [VIDEO]

As Lune conveys in the music video for “Where Do Love Go,” this soothing yet upbeat song is meant for the beach. Take a girlfriend, boyfriend or any partner on a romantic walk and be sure to listen to Lune’s track. You and your guest will be sure to reflect on the hardships of a relationship, “People wake up, break up, make up, getting for work.

 Lune does not shy away from detailing the distresses in a relationship, yet the importance of understanding and appreciating the love that exists. She tells her story hoping her listeners catch on to her disarray and questions, “Where Do Love Go.?” 

Hold on to your love and enjoy it in this life, not in “another life.” Lune’s dance infused tune will force you to twirl your partner reminding you of your love for them. The love fire will continue to burn. 

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