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M!NT Paints Vivid Soundscapes With Sasha Nitze In New Single “Contours”

Brooklyn based producer and creative aficionado, M!NT, releases his newest work of art today. The new single “Contours” is a guitar focused, cinematic experience that puts the listener in a trance. Featured on the new track, Sasha Nitze’s elegant guitar strums flow effortlessly over the duo’s production leaving just enough room for M!NT’s unique vocals.

“Contours” dynamic range and deep melodic structure create the perfect sound for your favorite lo-fi playlist.The strums of the guitar begin the journey and the feelings intensify as the beat comes in and takes charge of the sound. Intentionally created for your headphones, M!NT and Sasha create a lush soundscape that allows listeners to be engulfed in their own atmosphere of wonder. Along with their first single release together, “Contours” is the first official label release for Nitze. M!NT continues his creative momentum with Euro based imprint Amuse, paving the way for his most productive year yet in 2021.  

In the live-action visual accompanying the single release, Harlem’s visual effects wizkid Thanoz blends futuristic New York City elements to recreate a visually stimulating world out of everyday locations. Thanoz describes the video as “a cinematic experience of our confusing reality.” As M!NT is thrown into a simulation, the footage shows his creative process, including the constant battle with perfectionism and changes one might go through as they create a work of art. “Contour” is sure to put the listener at ease after a year like 2020.

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