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Mahalia Sees Clearly Now That She is ‘Sober’

UK songstress Mahalia first began her foray into music when she was 12 years old, picking up a guitar and beginning to shed her soul through the pen.

Finding some praise from the likes of MTV, The Independent and i-D thanks to her prior musical efforts (Head Space, Never Change), in 2015 she caught the attention of Rudimental, who featured her vocals on their easy-going summer anthem “We the Generation”.  Now at the age of 19, Mahalia is ready to give her all to the business and show the world what she’s made of.

Her press release states, “With her entrancing, soulful tones, wise yet relatable wordplay and intuitive sense of melody, it quickly became clear that she had a natural sense of musicality, and that she’d be doing this for the rest of her life.”  In my personal opinion – this is spot on and I have no doubt she will be able to turn heads and please eardrums for quite some time.

On her latest release, “Sober”, Mahalia takes a classic R&B sound and updates it for the times.  Oscillating keys, rolling basslines, sharp snares and jazzy flavors pepper the track, playfully interacting with the smooth as hell, emotionally drenched vocals.  The true star of the show, her vocals shine from beginning to end – while perfectly timed, strategic and coordinated harmonies emphasize exactly the right parts. 

This story is totally about the morning after. Thinking about the night before – all the mistakes you made, all the muddled texts you sent. I always talk about how this song is a representation of realising a situation is not good for you and getting yourself out of it. This is me waking up and smelling the roses. Now that I am sober…

A truly stunning track through and through.  I will be keeping an eye on Mahalia for sure.

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