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Malin Pettersen Drops New Single "Crying"

Norwegian pop artist Malin Pettersen continues to branch beyond her original foundation in the Americana scene with her latest single “Crying”. A stunning duet with R&B artist Stefanos Yowhannes, “Crying”. encapsulates the essence of the pop music that shaped her formative years, transporting listeners to a time when these melodies formed the very soundtrack of her life. Reflecting on her connection to these songs, Pettersen shares, "I found solace in these songs when I was young. I have a huge respect for all the fantastic pop and R&B music I was raised on, and especially how the songs managed to really capture the emotions I was dealing with."

"Crying" is not only a journey through Pettersen's musical influences but the harmonious feature with Stefanos draws comparisons to the likes of D'Angelo, adding an exceptional layer to the song's late 90s/early 00s R&B vibe. Evoking memories of Destiny's Child and Alicia Keys, the track showcases a unique synergy between the two artists as both trade lead vocals against a backdrop of infectious beats, complemented by a chorus of voices that elevate the sonic experience.

Originally celebrated for her enchanting country and bluegrass harmonies, Pettersen has unveiled a remarkable transformation in her musical journey. With an audacious leap into uncharted territories, she melds both genres and emotions as well as universally relatable lyrics that resonate with listeners worldwide. Her remarkable journey has been recognized with a prestigious Spellemann award, coveted appearances on shows like Lindmo and Stjernekamp, and features in renowned publications including Billboard, Rolling Stone, and Forbes Magazine. This Fall, Pettersen has been given the opportunity to open for country music star Gavin DeGraw during his Norway dates:

September 19th – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway

September 20th – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway

September 23rd – Train, Aarhus, Sweden

September 24th – Vega, København, Sweden

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