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Marcos Carnaval Releases 10th Album ‘Move Your Body’

Marcos Carnaval, the DJ/Producer veteran from Brazil, has just released his 10th studio album, “Move Your Body”, and it is a summer ready, House gem.  With each track bringing its own flavor, while still feeling like a cohesive body of work from the Tribal House maestro, the new project is by far some of his best work to date.

With great feedback from his three singles, “Zulu”, “What U Hear”, and “Move Your Body”, Marcos is looking to further impress his fans and the music world with the rest of his album. “Move Your Body”, features songs with Tracy Young, Jose Spinnin Cortes, Filipe Guerra, Donny Marano, Diego Ruiz, and his studio partner, Grammy Award Winning Engineer Paulo Jeveaux.

We could go on all day and give our thoughts on the album, but in this case it is best to hear directly from Marcos.  See below for what inspired the album, where he has come from, and where he is going.  Marcos lays it all on the line and prints his heart into wax for all the world to listen.

Marcos Carnaval on Move Your Body:

After touring Europe & Asia last summer for 3 months I took a three-week vacation in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro. I needed a break from everything to see my family and re-think my life. I have been fighting depression for the past 4 years which stemmed from some major changes in my personal life (Finances, divorce, distance from my little girl). The combination of that with the rise of EDM, the oversaturation of new DJ’s and the popularity of streaming has made it more difficult to maneuver through the Dance music industry.

Touring the world for the past 15 years has been my drug and it has its pros and cons like discovering new cultures, the craziness of airports, long flights, the routine of playing clubs and festivals regularly. It all takes its toll. Having my own music production style while DJ’ing has opened many doors worldwide over the years and I’m grateful for having the opportunity to share my music to so many people on a regular basis. Touring and releasing new music provided me with a decent lifestyle for years but with the changes in the dance music scene my touring schedule was reduced which at the time made it feel like something that was out of my control.

Right before I started working on this new album I was in a very dark place mentally, I even got rid of my apartment in New Jersey back in December of 2016. I decided that my path would continue in Miami as I wanted to be closer to my daughters, but I later ended up leaving Miami behind when I went away on tour in May of 2017. I have been homeless ever since and all I have now is my luggage, so I’ve been staying from hotel to hotel or with friends during tours. I couldn’t decide on whether to quit music or to keep pushing. I was dealing with dilemmas both personal and financial which at times felt one in the same. The industry is changing and I’m on a mission to not be left on the outside of it because I have a fan base that connects with my music and sees my artistic vision.

By early December of 2017 I woke up one day and told myself that I was going back to the basics by making music without expectations and simply doing it just for the fun and joy of it. This is something I’ve done for so many years back when I started in Brazil which gave me 3 successful albums and over 30 compilations featuring my original work and remixes. After moving to the U.S I released another 6 albums over the years and started to tour internationally. I started to work on this new album which kept my mind busy. Song after song my mood was filled with positivity and I was happier because of this newfound work ethic and drive and through that I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I woke up to the fact that I have two beautiful daughters, my parents, sister, nieces, very few but real friends, and that I have a fan base that loves my work. Music genres go in cycles and the music industry keeps on changing so sometimes we just forget the most important thing of all and it’s the reason why we create music in the first place in that it comes out of a place of love.

Today I am writing this from my hotel room in Bahrain in the Middle East where I’m holding a residency at the country’s best and brightest night club. For the past 4 months I’ve worked and finally completed my 10-track album along with 10 new remixes and bootlegs. And because of that success my touring schedule is getting busier by the day which brings me great joy.

To everyone out there fighting their own battles just know this: life is worth living, do what makes you happy, don’t be afraid of asking for help, believe in better days and work hard for what you love. Don’t let yourself be consumed by darkness and please let my music “Move Your Body”.

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