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Mark Diamond Hits the ‘Road’ on Latest Single

Born and raised in Seattle, LA implant Mark Diamond has been on a journey for sometime finding his sound, chasing his truth and giving all he’s got.  As a child, Mark grew up listening to Tom Petty, Hootie & The Blowfish, The Beatles, R.E.M and Robbie Williams while cruising with his dad in his 1969 Chevy Malibu – influences that would stay with Mark into adulthood and help to create the sound he is increasingly becoming known for.

Between working at a coffee shop and being kicked out of college, Mark Diamond found all of the urgency he needed to try his hand at being a full time musician.  About this turning point Mark Diamond says, “Waking up before sunrise feeling like the most stereotypical struggling musician on the planet definitely made me feel the weight of what chasing my dreams was all about.”  After moving to LA, he got to work eventually stockpiling a number of records that were completed in 24 days while working with talented writer and producer Richard Craker.

Since diving in head first, the 25 year old has been able to build a solid fan base, racking up some impressive numbers and reaching about 1.5M monthly listeners on Spotify, thanks in part to the success of his last single, “Steady”.  Most recently, Mark Diamond has unleashed, “Road”, a mid-tempo jam that relies as much on groove as it does on Pop sensibilities.  The production relies on deep textures, smooth guitar and touching keys to create a smooth, vibe inducing feel as Mark brings his signature raspy yet oh so delicate vocals.

About the new release, Mark Diamond says, “‘Road’ was one that just needed to come out. The day before it was written, we decided to call it an early night at the studio and left 11pm. I tried to go meet up with friends but was having a hard time switching back to “reality” after spending so much time in the studio. I went into the studio the next day slightly on edge, so I laid on the ground behind the board and wrote this song. Immediately I felt better — like I had just explained to myself that this is my life now. I needed to realize that it was my choice, and it’s absolutely beautiful to live this way. Hope is important to me these days. I think the world could always use more of it.

Another stand out release for the young buzz-worthy artist, I have no doubt that Mark Diamond will continue to penetrate playlists world wide if he can continue to deliver tunes like this.  This is a jam.  I’ll be patiently waiting for more.

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